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View of the Cheviot Hills. Courtesy of Andrea Roberts

Cheviots © Simon Fraser Copyright Cheviots Challenge Sun set in the Cheviots © Simon Fraser
Cheviots Challenge 2018
The 2018 Cheviots Challenge details are limited, with brief details availble when application is made online. The ethos of the Cheviots Challenge is to give participants a challenge. The initial principle was, and has always been, not to release the exact routes until the day of the event. This is quite unique amongst events such as this and may still be the case. However, the organisers are not that ruthless, so this page contains clues listing some of the places participants may visit. With a little forward planning, participants could work out where each route may go and therefore be in a position to decide which route ( long or short walk ) is better suited to their ability.

If you have not participated in an event like this you may need to consult your GP as to your suitablity in participation.

Before you enter it is a a good idea to read the Terms and Conditions.

It is essential that all participants are competent in the use of a map and compass, even in poor visibility.

So here could be your choices, not necessarily the route you will take on the day, however it will give you an idea of what to expect.

The "Terry Lynn" long route will be about 22 miles and entails about 4000ft of climbing. Starting from Alwinton you will visit:- Swineside Law,
Windy Gyle
, Nettlehope Hill, Kidlandlee Dean ( see below ) and Clennell Street. ( Read more. or download ).

The "Eileen Lynn" short routeis about 16 miles and over 2500 feet of climbing. Starting from Alwinton you will visit:- Barrow Law, Nettlehope Hill, Look out for some ruins of Wholehope Youth Hostel ( A short history ). Continue walking through Kidland forrest along the side of Kidlandlee Dean, passing Kidlandlee farm and along Clennell Street.

On the day of the event, you will receive a route card and a photocopied map ( probably black and white ) giving details of the routes. Once you have received this information you are well advised to spend some time planning on to your own OS map of the area.
If you are using an electronic device (not recommended) then here are examples of possible GPX routes. Long route (or the reverse) and short route (or the reverse). Right click, "Save Target as". For those who would like to prepare their own GPX file the try this website if you do not have access to Memory Map or similar.

If you missed the event in 2017, why not use it to practise for 2018!
Eileen Lynn Short Route

To view an image of the routes click on it.

Terry Lynn Long Route
We know you will have a good day, which ever route you select, and at the end will be delighted with your sense of achievement. Why not raise some extra funds for the team by being sponsored?
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